Prevent and Remove Hair Color Stains

Erase 7 is the World's Most Effective Hair Color Product for Preventing and Removing Stains from Hair Coloring

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A Barrier to Prevent Hair Color Stains

Erase7 comes in a cream version that serves as a barrier on your skin to prevent staining in the first place.  Save time and money by making your hair color service quicker.

An Effective Color Stain Remover

Erase7 offers the world's leading hair color stain remover. If you have ever done the perfect color on a client's hair that turned into a perfect skin staining also, this product is for you.

Removes Sharpie Stains? Yes it Does

Our stain remover is gentle enough for faces, but is also strong enough to remove Sharpie stains from kids hands, arms, and ugh, little faces. It also works on clothing and furniture, and is an excellent cleaner for makeup brushes and sponges.

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