About Us

How Erase7 Came to Be


I have been a hair stylist for over 30 years and have searched for something stop the hair color from staining my clients’ skin. Working with the inventor of this product and rigorously testing Erase7 in the salon, I finally found what I have been looking for! We are positive you are going to love it just as much as we do!

Through our testing, we found Erase7 to be useful for many things:​

  • Direct dyes from shampoo bowls and work surfaces
  • Sharpie  and ink off skin
  • Excellent for cleaning makeup brushes
  • Mustard? No problem!
  • Stains on clothing, yep, absolutely!


There are Several Uses for Erase7

Here are Our Favorites

  • Apply around the hairline  before color application.  Always smooth in  after color has been applied to break up line of demarcation
  • Apply around the hairline after color application
  • Apply with wet cloth after processing 
  • At the shampoo bowl before rinsing, wet the product and massage in (Erase7 is water activated), then rinse and shampoo as normal. 
  • May also be applied with wet cloth or cotton to remove excess color from skin.
  • ​For color or Sharpie stains on clothing, apply Erase7 directly to the stain and rub in. Spray with water and agitate. For tougher stains, reapply and let sit overnight.



Color Level 2 - Erase7 removes even the toughest and darkest color stain


B Red Red -  When Erase7 is used as a barrier before color application it prevents the skin from staining during the color process.


If you have a client with sensitive skin, Erase7 will prevent burning and irritation while preventing color stain.


Color Level 4 - If you have clients with  skin that soaks up color but has stubborn grays and  needs the double pigment, you need Erase7!


A little Erase7 cleanse makeup brushes leaving them  clean and soft as NEW!